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The power of human and machines in investing

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The pace of change in the world today is accelerating. The way people interact, transact, work and consume is unrecognisable from even a decade ago. This hub provides insight into big data and the way it is changing our lives and the investment landscape. It follows a lively roundtable debate held by Citywire and BlackRock with key data experts, analysts, and fund selectors.


Watch the three-part video series on humans, machines and investing

Big data and its myths. How is big data evolving?

The developments in big data analysis have been significant so far, but there is still a lot data science has to offer in the future. Experts in machine learning, data analysts, and fund pickers discuss the impacts of big data in our lives and how this is changing the face of investing.

Human and machine. How do they work together in investment management?

A panel of experts reveal the benefits and importance of a human and machine partnership when looking at investment opportunities.

Digging deep: Can big data help build better portfolios?

BlackRock explains the way it collects and examines data leveraging its scale and vast resources, how its sophisticated and innovative approach on big data has helped them stand out and why its Advantage Range should be the core building block in portfolios.

“Humans are extraordinary machines and we are far from not being interested in humans, it’s the exact opposite. We are deeply fascinated by them and often are trying to encode the lessons that they learned have to see if we can encapsulate them into algorithms, but as well, to use them in combination.”

Brad Betts

Managing director and data scientist BlackRock


Explore key topics around the power of big data and its future

what is big data and how is it reshaping the landscape of investing?

Big data is not a new phenomenon but the way many industries are using it is revolutionary and constantly changing. Data science experts sit down to uncover how big data is evolving and how it is impacting our lives and the decisions investors are making every day.

How can humans, machines and data work together in investing?

Where does human endeavour end and technology begin? The line between human and machine is becoming increasingly blurred when it comes to data analysis and investing. Data science experts and fund managers debate who picks up what, when.

Big Data overload: How to separate good data from bad data?

As the world is awash in data, fund managers point out some key steps to sort the wheat from the chaff and how machines can help in that process.

How is the fund due diligence process affected by the current ‘data frenzy’ in the investment landscape?

In the midst of a ‘data frenzy’ world, fund pickers disclose how they carry out due diligence on funds employing machine learning to find their best ideas.

Humans and data: where will they go next?

New and upcoming opportunities created by big data and its tools seem endless. Data science experts discuss what the development of big data will look like and how it will continue to affect our everyday lives.

Looking through the lens of big data for alpha

BlackRock explains how it uses technology and big data analysis to optimise portfolios and how their philosophy allows them to go above and beyond to generate alpha